Chief Financial Officer

Adenike Olatokunbo Ajayi

My Story

Adenike Olatokunbo Ajayi (“Tokunbo”) serves a dual role as Special Counsel to the Managing Member and Chief Financial Officer for Diligence Offshore Services, LLC. She has over 32 years of experience in the financial services industry. She rose to the post of MD/CEO of United Capital Trustees Limited (former UBA Trustees Limited), the pioneer and foremost Trustee/Security Agency business in Nigeria. Tokunbo has vast experience in a wide range of Capital Market, Corporate Trust/Security Agent, Real Estate and Private Trust transactions with Trust Mandates of an asset base of about N6.0 Trillion involving Loan Syndications and Project Finance transactions, Note Issuance Facilities and Debt Programmes, Debenture Trust as debt instruments, Collective Investment Schemes/REITs, Bond Trusteeship and Private Trust. She has an unbeatable track record in major financial and project finance transactions demonstrating unique custodial capability and systems with sound risk management framework and unique Business Continuity process. Holding numerous degrees and awards she is Result oriented and self-motivated. She Thrives in challenging and decisions making environments with Integrity and high ethical standards.