Innovative Energy Efficient End-Use Vessel Facility

Diligence Offshore Services, LLC is developing an Offshore Wind Energy Innovative Supply Chain Support System (OWEISCSS). As part of this overall system being built on the Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast by an African American group of professionals, an Innovative Energy Efficient End-Use Vessel Facility is being developed to help achieve many of the future renewable offshore wind energy wind farm goals mandated by the Biden Administration. The operation sits on a 125+ acre site strategically located in close proximity to our deep-water integration site and monopile manufacturing facility. The facility is expected to be operational in first quarter 2027.

As an Offshore Wind Innovative Energy Efficient End-Use Vessel Facility , we will effectively provide the following critical support scope of work:

  • QRP Storage (incl. Warehousing parts and palletise materials)
  • Fuel sales (Jet A1, ULSD and SAF) utilizing 375,000 barrels of storage capacity
  • Berthing, loading/discharging and stevedoring services
  • Offshore supply vessel services to the fields
  • ROV operations support services
  • ERRV (Emergency Response and Rescue Vessels) services
  • Offshore crew/personnel transfer and accommodation services
  • Specialized windfarm installation (commissioning) vessel services
  • Specialized rock-dumping vessel services
  • Offshore hydrographic and geophysical survey services for windfarms and cable routes
  • Practical training of personnel in the various fields of our core services

Offshore Wind Integration Facility

Diligence will utilize the existing waterfront infrastructure at our Cameron, La. deep-draft facility to carryout its offshore wind integration and manufacturing operations. The company’s intends to develop the facility in accordance with its zero-emissions port equipment and technology purchase plan. The goal is to achieve the planning and permitting in connection with the purchase and installation of zero-emissions port equipment and technology. Our goal is to achieve the overall development of our qualified sustainable climate action plan.A skilled workforce will be simultaneously trained in skills and techniques necessary to manufacture and assemble offshore wind components, subcomponents and subassemblies. The following critical support activities will be provided:
  • Wind turbine generator (WTG) and foundation component delivery
  • WTG and foundation component laydown/storag
  • Fixed and floating foundation fabrication and assembly
  • WTG component manufacturing
  • Launching of assembled floating foundations
  • Integration of floating WTGs (if applicable)
  • Loading and deployment of wind turbine installation vessels (WTIV) for fixed WTG installation. This will include WTIV jacking up quayside during loading/unloading operations.

Offshore Wind Monopile Foundation Manufacturing

The monopile foundation manufacturing facility will be built on a 150 acre tract of land in very close proximity to both the Innovative Energy Efficient End-Use Vessel facility, and the Offshore Wind Integration facility.


Offshore Wind Subcomponents Manufacturing

Modern wind turbines use large turntable bearings at the root of each blade to enable pitch angle changes and thus aerodynamic performance and load control. Yaw bearings are used for angular realignment of the nacelle into the predominant wind direction. These applications require long periods in nearly stationary positions with large stochastic loads. Due to this demanding load environment and the fact that bearings exist in the critical load path, their design becomes critical to the safety and reliability of most turbine designs. On-site manufacturing will be carried out on a 100 acre site at the Port.